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Should you be having questions regarding Kenya Listing, below are the answers to your questions.

Kenya Listing is a platform for businesses to share their products, services or what they do. The platform helps user to search for a service or goods and reach out to the businesses offering the searched service or goods. The platform also aids procuring entities make direct quotation from listed suppliers and business without having to draft a separate email.

To get your business listed at Kenya Listing follow this steps:

  • Visit kenyalisting.co.ke
  • Click register button or menu.
  • Fill requested details.
  • Click Register Now button.
  • Check your email for a confirmation (if you cant see the email check junk/spam folder)
  • Login to your Kenya Listing account, update your profile, congratulation you are done!
  • Wait not more than 24hours for your business be to approved by Kenya Listing Team to the front page that is accessible by procurement officers and general public.
  • The platform enhances visibility of your business.
  • People spot your business through search.
  • People get to know what you do.
  • You are able to know whether the general public are interested in your goods or services through the number quotation request you receive.
  • You get new connections and contacts.
  • As a supplier you don’t need to login to your office email to respond to your customer quotation requests.
  • As a procurement officer you can request a quotation anywhere any time even on a mobile phone.
  • You have a list of suppliers at a go.

Kenya Listing is absolutely free to register and get listed.